Summer lawn overseeding

Asked April 22, 2019, 9:57 AM EDT

My lawn has significant bare spots and some big, some smaller due to poor management by a lawn care service. I would like to seed the bare spots and overseed areas that are sparse this summer. From the articles on your website, it is possible to control crabgrass and weeds, then seed in June. ShCarfentrazoneould I use tenacity or Quinclorac + Carfentrazone now so that I can plant in June? In the past the lawn care service put down chemicals that lasted an entire year and there was never a window for planting. So my question is what should I use now for preemersion and weed control if i want to plant/overseed in June? Also should I put something down at the time of seeding? If not, please tell me what approach is best for summer seeding. Thank you.

Kalamazoo County Michigan

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The link below will give you complete information re. your crabgrass issue. I am not familiar with the chemicals you mentioned. Are they perhaps some that are available only to professionals or are they available for homeowners? There are some good chemicals listed in this link.

The best time to seed your lawn is in the fall when the temperatures are cooler, there is more rainfall, and there will be fewer weed seeds to complete with your grass seed. The Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance service recommends overseeding at least 45 days before your average first fall frost.

Having said that, to be extra generous, almost all crabgrass preventers lose their effectiveness after about 8 weeks. So if you apply them in early April, you should be able to seed grass with no preemergent effect by early June. It's still possible to get grass up and growing then… you just have to water more.

The effectiveness of overseeding, whether done in the spring or fall, is enhanced when it is combined with lawn aeration--he process of extracting small cores of soil from the lawn. It is helpful to core aerate before seeding into an existing lawn.