Preserving hierloom apples through grafting

Asked April 21, 2019, 11:49 PM EDT

I have about six or so apple varieties that I want to preserve. The trees are old and with rotted out cores and limbs falling off during snow, ice, and wind storms. Grafting them onto new more resistant root stock seems like a good idea, but I know nothing about grafting. Where can I get rootstock, learn to graft, or find somebody who will do it right the first time? I would probably want 3 trees of each variety so my daughter could have one set and I could have a backup. I have 20 acres, so space is not my issue, I would rather opt for disease resistance and hardiness.

Linn County Oregon

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I would suggest you buy some apple rootstocks and plant them. You will need to look online to find a nursery that will sell them to you in small lots. You can bud in the varieties you want this summer. The commercial nurseries often bud in 2 buds to increase success. As for training I suggest you look for grafting videos on You Tube. Look for T budding and chip budding. These two techniques are used to graft single buds onto rootstocks.
Here is a publication from Penn State on Grafting and budding