blossoms drying up

Asked April 21, 2019, 10:16 PM EDT

I have about 8 blue berry plants all doing well except one on the end close to a rose bush. The blossoms are now forming except about one third of this one plant. It has new growth and started to blossom, but after the blossoms appeared on the tips of some of the branches the blossoms further down the branches are drying up just as they are emerging from the branch. Not much for leaves on these branches either. Please help thanks Dave

Lane County Oregon blueberries

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The most likely cause is a fungus such as Botrytis or Anthracnose. It can affect flowers, leaves and fruit. A picture would be an excellent help in diagnosing this.
Since it is just the plant next to the rose, is there a possibility that the rose is competing with this plant's root system? Did you spray the rose with anything? Is this a wetter or drier spot than the others. Actually most problems turn out to be cultural or environmental. Before we leap to a disease, let's eliminate all those other pesky possibilities. Feel free to get back to me.

here are some pictures I hope it helps. since i wrote the question just a few days ago almost the entire plant looks dead even the blooms and leaves that were on other branches all dried up. the only thing i have used lately is some fertilizer with moss control on they yard it looks like it may have moved to one branch on the next plant over. getting worried!

This appears to be a disease, but there are more than one with similar symptoms. The fact that the problems seems to be spreading is good cause for worry. As long as the fertilizer was not also designed to kill weeds, we can probably rule that out. This is a case where a hands-on look is worth a hundred pictures or conjectures.
Since you are in Lane Co. Ross Penhallegon is a real fruits expert, agent for the horticulture in Lane Co. We also have trained plant diagnosticians in the office. If at all possible, get a good sampling to the office at 996 Jefferson (10th and Jefferson) with the entrance on 10th. Their hours are 10-1 and 2-5 M-TH. You can call ahead and can also leave a sample and they will get back to you. It is best if your can talk directly with the person as they will have a series of questions for you aimed at exact diagnosis. 541-344-5859. There is no charge to you for this service.