I live on the edge of Fairfield County and Hocking County in the hills near...

Asked April 21, 2019, 2:36 PM EDT

I live on the edge of Fairfield County and Hocking County in the hills near Sugar Grove. I have a front yard where the trees that I've planted have grown so large that they provide almost comprehensive shade over my entire turf area there, and the grass grows scant and poorly. I am looking to understand some options for ground cover that are esthetically pleasing, and also provide habitat and nutrition for pollinators and birds. Do you have suggestions for ground covers, shade/semi-shade tolerant plants, and process for switching from turf to these options? I appreciate recommendations for resources also, and I am interested in native plants if they are available. Many thanks,

Fairfield County Ohio

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To begin, depending what your large trees are, you might consider having an arborist thin you trees to open up the canopy. This will result in allowing some light to filter through. For specific information regarding native plant refer to the following web site for the United States Department of Agriculture https://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/Native_Plant_Materials/Native_Gardening/index.shtml Ten shade tolerant ground covers include 1) Sweet woodruff adds fragrance to the shade 2) Wild ginger can handle drought 3) Bunchberry doesn’t rely only on foliage for looks 4) Dwarf solomon’s seal is worth showing off 5) Lilyturf can grow anywhere 6) Mother of thousands doesn’t need attention 7) Golden Star blooms bright and spreads steadily 8) Wild cranesbill stands tall and spreads fast 9) Vancouveria offers an understated, graceful look 10) Yellow archangel has colorful leaves and flowers These plants very in height and texture, and in combination with native shade plants will provide you a lovely grove. Karen