Grass Seed

Asked April 21, 2019, 7:53 AM EDT

Going into my 2nd summer @ our new home, yard gets full sun what is the best grass seed to use. I will be ordering topsoil the Middle of May

Kent County Michigan

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Fall is the best time to seed your lawn as the cooler weather helps the seeds stay moist until they germinate and weed seeds are much less prevalent. Spring is the second-best time. Remember though, if the weather turns hot quickly, you will need to keep the seeded area moist.

Your very first step should be to have a soil test completed to be sure you need top soil as opposed to compost or other organic material. You can find instructions for doing this here:

Kentucky bluegrass is the most popular grass seed planted in Michigan; however, it is recommended that you add 10-15% perennial rye grass to this mix. Complete instructions for seeding your lawn and selected an appropriate seed is included in the link below.