replanting a rose bush

Asked April 20, 2019, 4:19 PM EDT

Hi, My friend has a hybrid rose which she has had for a lot of years (now I can't remember the name -
starts with a "P"), and she hasn't seen any in the Ft. Collins area for a long time. It seems to have two
crowns with the upper crown about 4 inches above ground. We had the intention of replanting it deeper
in the same hole, but in digging down a good foot, the main root keeps going down and refuses to come up. We built up soil around it to cover that crown. If we break that main root, will it kill the plant. Or is there a point that we can break the root safely? Should we have the soil built up or leave that second crown exposed. (It was covered all winter.). The rose didn't do very well last year. Thank you for your help and
time. Ellen Wride

Larimer County Colorado

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This is almost a "what have you got to lose" situation--if you feel it needs to be replanted, then try. You don't state why you're replanting....if the rose is thriving and doing well, does it need to be transplanted? My suggestion would be to dig up as much of the root ball and root system as possible. If it's a very established rose, you will lose some of the roots. However, the bigger the better in this case. With the large roots, try to go out as far as you can with digging.

To be honest, I'm not sure I can quite envision what you're describing. Can you send me photos?

We also have a rose expert who is a Master Gardener. If you can send me photos, I can share with him to see what he thinks. Thanks!