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Asked April 20, 2019, 1:38 PM EDT

How to get rid of wild flowers without harming pets

Denver County Colorado

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I have a lot of questions as there is no information in the statement. Where are you located in Denver? Are these flowers in a lawn? Pasture? Any type of acreage? Are they domesticated flowers that have reseeded or weeds? What have you tried so far to get rid of the flowers? Are you willing to use chemicals? If not, are you willing to dig them out?

Thank you for your answers to these questions.

Hi, they have been pulled, dug up and they come back every year. I have them in my back yard. I do not want to use chemicals because I have backyard chickens

Do you have any pictures of the plants/flowers? The best thing is to identify them properly so we know what we are dealing with and how best to eradicate them.

It is a campanula bellflower perennial.


Unfortunately, the news is not good for getting rid of this flower. It has a rhizomatous root system which makes it extremely difficult to get rid of. Since chemical use is not an option, digging it out is the only way to get rid of it. However, even with digging it out, if there is even an inch of the root system left in the soil, the plant will regenerate.

If you change your mind and decide to use chemicals, I would recommend using spot sprays of a broad-leafed herbicide, perhaps covering the plant while the spray dries so it won't affect the animals.