Garlic mustard

Asked April 20, 2019, 6:00 AM EDT

I saw the recent video on the UM Extension Service site about garlic mustard. I've had this stuff around for years and pulled it constantly. Just wanted to make sure: I should NOT compost this plant, correct? If I'm going to have to bag it, I'll have to stock up on bags for sure. Thanks.

Baltimore County Maryland

3 Responses

Prior to flowering - Pull and leave with roots exposed to dry out. This material can be left on site or can be composted once it is fully dead and dried.

During or after flowering - Do not compost. Bag all material and allow to rot in sunny location for several weeks, then dispose of in trash. If volume of material is too large to bag: Remove all flowering heads, secure flowering heads in plastic bag and allow to rot, then dispose of in trash. Wait until following year to attempt control and disposal before flowering. Here is more information


Great! Thank you!