dwarf cherry trees

Asked April 19, 2019, 10:56 PM EDT

We are cherry growers in North Cebtral Washingtonm, a number of tears ago I planted a North Star cherry and grafted it to Bing for dwarfing effect, when it was full grown, the tree was about three forths the size ofr Bing on mazzard (the tree has been removed). I intend to graft North Star on to one of the new dwarfing rootstocks to find out if there would be additional dwarfing if I gfrafted Bibg on the North Star, in effect the North Srar wouuld be an interstem. .Question, has there been research along those lInes and if so,where could I access that information? Thanks, Jack Feil, East Wenatchee

Douglas County Washington

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Thanks for your responce, since therte appears to be no research on cherry interstems, I will experment with the North Star interstem to determine additional dwarfing effect if any.. Jack/ Feil1908 Family Orchard