Pine trees with Rhizosphaera

Asked April 19, 2019, 8:12 PM EDT

Hi some pine trees in my yard that have Rhizosphaera. We just moved into this home. They allow privacy. I was planning on spraying them with Mancozeb and Neem this spring. The lower branches are very sparse devoid of needles. Are there any evergreens that I can plant close to them that won’t be affected by the needle cast, allowing some more privacy to the home. I can eventually removed the diseased pines if the new evergreens can be planted close by and get a chance to grow bigger. Thanks for your help!

Hennepin County Minnesota needle cast rhizosphaeria

1 Response There are diseases that are similar to rhizosphaera and since the treatment is expensive and time consuming it is worthwhile to send a sample to the plant disease clinic. Contact information is given in the 3rd link. It is also worth noting that winter burn can be mis identified as rhizosphaera. Spruce are very susceptible and pines are not. Good luck I hope the problem is minor.