Pavers between Doug Firs

Asked April 19, 2019, 7:50 PM EDT

Hi, We have three Doug Firs about 20 feet and 5 feet from each other. Two of them must be at least near 100 feet high. We would like to make a sitting area of pavers and pea gravel between them to enjoy sitting under these beautiful trees. Will this be a problem for the trees, e.g. causing a problem for the roots underneath? Thank you!

Clackamas County Oregon root compaction

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Thank you for your question. The two issues your proposal raises are soil compaction and a lack of the tree's access to water. So long as your chairs or swings are not too heavy, the former should not be a problem. However, pea gravel can reduce the rain that gets to the plants' roots; pavers that have soil and/or groundcovers such as creeping thyme between them allow water to permeate the soil. If you decide to do this, you might want to provide ancillary watering, especially during the hot, dry summer months. If you see any browning on the trees' branches, remove the 'human' equipment. Good luck!