My peace lily has started developing brown spots

Asked April 19, 2019, 5:25 PM EDT

Why has my peace lily started developing brown spots?

My peace lily has been going through some rough times, first i was over watering it (tips were getting brown), then i replaced its pot a week ago (the new dirt that occupies about half the pot's volume does have some fertilizer in it), and now it has brown spots developing on the leaves. My personal guess is that it does not have enough sunlight but given the plethora of recent changes its hard for me to tell. It's a recent addition to my house (4 months) and came from my grandmothers viewing.
(The window in the picture is south east facing)
EDIT: its also worth noting that its only been in this spot in the sun for about 3 weeks, prior to that it was put in full direct sunlight and was underwatered, it wasn't doing well as a result (that was under my moms care, she kills a lot of plants)

Charles County Maryland

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The brown spots can be due to overwatering, poor location, transplant shock, etc.
It will be helpful to focus on proper care.
In general peace lilies have very vigorous root systems and can be rootbound. Even though you just transplanted it, pop it out of the container and make sure the rootball is not in one big ball. If it is, using clean, sharp scissors or a knife cut the root ball into sections, and repot. Use an all-purpose potting mix, such as one that contains perlite or peat moss for good drainage.

Peace lilies like to be in medium light, so we recommend placing your plant where it can get good strong indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves. When you water, do so thoroughly until you see water drain out of the bottom of the pot, and then let the top two inches of soil dry out before watering again. Here is more information on peace lily