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Asked April 19, 2019, 11:13 AM EDT

I have a 15' by 15' area in my lawn that does not support strong turf growth. This is rather unusual as the remainder of my lawn thrives throughout the year. This area in question is populated with mounds of gnarly patches of some type of vegetation. I have attached a picture of this vegetation for your review. Can you provide any insights on how I can restore this area of my lawn and eradicate this vegetation? Thanks for your assistance.

Oakland County Michigan

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It is probably one or more of several weedy grasses. Close examination of the roots, stems, branching habit and leaves is required to ID. The following link has a weedy grass key, with pictures you may want to use-


You could also submit a sample of the plant, with roots attached, to MSU Plant Diagnostic lab for identification- https://pestid.msu.edu

In any case, you will want to kill it off by digging it out, smothering it with newspaper, cardboard, or old carpet; or using a non-selective herbicide( glyphosate is one), or a grass killing herbicide(fluazifop is one). Using a chemical herbicide will have a time period to wait before you can replant. Always read and follow all label directions and precautions.

Then follow the steps to prepare the soil and reseed or sod the area. This assumes you have the required amount of sun -8 hours or more- to grow healthy turf, and the soil is not been damaged by salt or any other chemicals.

Here are a couple articles that describe the ‘best practices’ used when starting a lawn-



We also recommend having a soil test done, so you can amend the soil before putting down seed or sod.- https://www.canr.msu.edu/resources/dont_guess_soil_test_get_your_home_lawn_and_garden_soil_test_kit_today

Once the new lawn is growing, monitor it for problems and tell us about it ( include pictures please) as trouble begins. I hope this is helpful!

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