Coal in the soil?

Asked April 19, 2019, 9:52 AM EDT

Good morning! Since I bought my house in Lansing in 2004, I've submitted soil samples I believe at least once for testing for my home garden. Doing some digging around my garage area yesterday however, we unearthed some heated coal fragments (clinkers? something like that?). The theory is that original house owners used to have a forge near the garage and that this is leftovers that ended up in the soil. I've never seen this before, but I wondered if the sorts of contaminants that could end up in the soil as a result of this type of situation would 1) show up on a standard soil test like the one you guys offer for $25 and 2) if so whether it's worthwhile to retest to make sure I'm not growing in scary soil/setting up my chicken coop in a bad spot OR 2b) if not, if you have any ideas where I might submit soil samples to ensure safety of grown food and animals/kids. Thank you for your kind attention to this inquiry!

Ingham County Michigan soil and fertility issues

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My answers follow:
1) Contaminants do not show up in the routine soil analysis.
2) I am not sure what contaminants might be present in the situation you describe, if any that you should be concerned about. You may need to do more research online.
2b) Fibertec Lab in Holt, MI can do contaminant testing.