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Asked April 18, 2019, 10:52 PM EDT

We live in Pueblo West Colorado. When a person came out to measure the distance from the threshold of our door to grade level, he mismeasured the threshold to grade elevation. He measured 18 inches instead of the correct 26 inches. Because of not wanting to admit his mistake, he did the following. He terminated an 18-foot ramp, 12.5 inches above grade level. Is there any information that states in a residential installation that the purpose of the ramp is for a handy caped person to exit the home and progress down the ramp and land at grade level. We just had a ramp installed by Thornton Medial and it goes from our door threshold to a concrete slab, the top of which terminates approximately 18 feet away and 12.5 inches above finished grade. There is no access from the top of that concrete pad to grade. They are telling us that the finished slab does not have to terminate at grade level. I asked the question, so, my wife, who is handicapped, can leave our home, travel down a ramp to a concrete slab that is 12.5 inches above grade, and that is as far as she can travel? They said yes, they had no obligation to terminate the end of the ramp at grade level. They told us that we could pull a vehicle up to the concrete slab and my wife could simply step off the slab, and into our vehicle. The question I have is, what is the purpose of an ADA ramp if it does not take the handicapped person from their home to grade level? Thank you very much, Bob Mondey, Pueblo West, CO.

Pueblo County Colorado

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