Weird tulip growth

Asked April 18, 2019, 7:30 PM EDT

Hallo! Put "wild" tulip bulbs in little wire cages last October into my garden bed. Till now only leaves came out, not only to be much larger and wider than the wild kind of tulip usually are, but I noticed, that they produced kind of a white stem what curls back into the dirt, sometimes is this loop hidden underneath, sometimes it shows a little. One I pulled out, it looked like a tiny hard underdeveloped white bulb...or is it a bud, what took the wrong turn? Very strange...
I have other little wild tulips from the year before, they came out and bloomed like usual.
Another question: how to keep tulips from coming out too early? Mine piked through hemp-frost-covers and get always a bit too long stems until they finally bloom.
Thank you so much for answering in advance.


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Thank you for your question. I am assuming the bulbs you are referencing are those discussed in the following article: Yours don’t sound as if they are performing other than as they should, but the health, size (to a point) and color (ditto) of a bulb’s foliage and flower will depend upon whether they were able to restore food to the bulb the prior year. Many gardeners subvert that by cutting off the leaves once they show the least bit yellow. They need to remain there, photosynthesizing, until all yellow is gone. I think you pulled up such stunted bulb. Their growth size may also be inhibited by wire cages. Set them free! As to slowing down bulbs, it’s difficult to impossible.! We can ‘force’ blooms for the holidays, but they rarely bloom again. We have to expose them to aseasonal temperature extremes, and they don’T ‘recover.’ If yours aren’t blooming the second year, they lack sunlight or nutrients. Good luck!