Plant identification

Asked April 18, 2019, 6:34 PM EDT

Have a picture of plant I would like identified. Tallest branch is ~ 10ft. Spindly, not bushy.

Linn County Oregon plant identification

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Does the plant have a fruit/berry during the summer? If so, what color is it? I'm assuming the plant is deciduous, but I don't have a good sense of scale from the picture. Are the leaves about three to five inches in diameter? Does the flower have any scent and if so, what does it smell like? Do the leaves have any scent when crushed? If the plant is spindly is that because it's in part shade? I'm also assuming the plant is currently in bloom.

No berries after blooming that I can tell. Does lose leaves in fall. 3 Leaf grouping width ~ 3in wide. Each individual leaf ~1in from end of stem to tip of individual leaf.
Flower cluster ~1.5 - 2 inch in length from stem base to tip of flower cluster
No scent at all from flower. In a semi shady location.
Do not have leaf to crush, will send that info later today.

Are the flowers upright or do they hang down? The reason I ask is the leaf shape looks a lot like a flowering current ( and will set dark blue/black berries.
The spindly nature is likely caused by less sun than is optimal for the plant.
It would help to have a picture of the whole plant.