Serenade/Liquid Fish and Neem/Liquid Fish

Asked April 18, 2019, 4:55 PM EDT

I’m working with 1 -2 acres of trees with early and late blight. I have a 40 gal tank and plan to use A) Serenade ASO/Liquid Fish combo and B) Neem/Liquid Fish combo. I have some copper to add in hot summer. How long do I need to wait between serenade combo and neem combo? Any issue with those combos?

Hillsborough County New Hampshire

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I can't answer your pesticide question because we would have to positively ID the diseases before any recommendation is made. I have never heard of trees getting early and late blight, just tomatoes. You should talk to your local UNH Cooperative Extension Nursery Specialist who can tell you what diseases your trees are getting and what pesticides to spray. You can probably find out who to talk to by calling or emailing their helpline.

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