Invasive Weeds?

Asked April 18, 2019, 2:48 PM EDT

Hello, I've noticed in areas that I sprayed for cheat grass last year and other disturbed soil areas what appears to be a new weed to my property. I was going to rake it out where I could so the sun would kill and stop further growth. Are you able to identify these varieties? I think there are two types. And if yes, what it the recommended treatment. Thank you john

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hi John, I cannot see the one in the center, but the one on the left and right are the same both are Bur Buttercup, a winter annual here. You can try products containing the active ingredient 2,4-D such as Speedzone or 2,4-D and Banvel. Here is some additional information about this plant. Thanks,

Additionally you can put down a pre-emergent for next year in areas where there are no plants like the center photo.