Asked April 18, 2019, 11:58 AM EDT

I'm starting a trellis garden this year to grow vining vegetables. I just planted some pole beans on the inside of a couple trellises I made from cattle panels. Can I plant cucumber along the outside or would that rob the beans of nutrients and cause overcrowding? Thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky

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It's difficult to answer that without seeing the complete set up, but generally I would recommend either planting side by side or on a different trellis for each crop. The beans would be growing inside or under the cucumbers so the competition for light would also be an issue (along with space, airflow, nutrients and so forth).

The trellis would have to be super sturdy and well anchored to the ground for sufficient support.

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I was afraid of that. Thanks very much

You are welcome and have a good garden season!

You are welcome and have a good garden season!