Mushrooms in grass

Asked April 17, 2019, 1:19 PM EDT

Last summer I reseeded my lawn. I used a 50-50 blend topsoil and compost purchased from a local garden supply facility. I have areas where mushrooms are growing in the lawn. I'm assuming this maybe caused by mixtures in the compost. We live on the North Oregon Coast. Should I be worried about the mushrooms and how do you rid the lawn of them

Clatsop County Oregon

2 Responses

To remove the mushrooms rake or mow them off. They will quickly decompose and can be composted.
Improve the overall health of your lawn by fertilizing and watering to promote grass growth and be sure your soil is aerated.
It is possible the new compost is the source as mushrooms decompose organic matter. If the mushrooms are concentrated in the area of tree roots they may be indicating dead tree roots in which case you should investigate the possibility further.

Thank you for the advise. Go Beavs