Brown trees

Asked April 17, 2019, 9:54 AM EDT

Hi, This is a pine, about 60 feet tall, began showing signs of brown needles during the winter. There are numerous trees in my neighborhood that look the same. I also noticed along I-69 in Lapeer and Genesee county many of these trees that look the same. Could you please tell me what the issue is and if the tree can be saved. Thank you!

Lapeer County Michigan

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Hello. From what I can see in your photo it is possible the tree has experienced winter burn. If it is winter burn the tree should produce new growth at the tips and after a couple years fill in some of the bare areas. Pine trees also drop a portion of their needles every year but typically that happens in the fall. If there is a fungal disease present it is best to call a certified arborist in your area for diagnosis and treatment, I am unable to ID anything like that from your photo. Hope this helps.

Thank you!!!!