What do you think of actinovate

Asked April 16, 2019, 10:59 AM EDT

See info at https://www.gardeners.com/how-to/introducing-actinovate/7680.html

Prince George's County Maryland

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Hi- Actinovate (Streptomyces lydicus) is a biological fungicide that has been widely researched. It's used alone or in combination with chemical fungicides to control/suppress a number of diseases.

We are happy to see an increasing number of non-chemical pest management tools like Actinovate. At best it can provide some control, at worst it is benign. It certainly won't hurt your garden/landscape plants to use this product. It's effectiveness may vary a great deal depending on level of control expected, environmental conditions and the particular plant and disease.

You may want to go to this site and type "actinovate" into the search bar to see university research on this biocontrol agent: https://impact.extension.org/search/