Bee or wasp nest in soffit exhaust vent

Asked April 16, 2019, 7:11 AM EDT

There are old small bee or wasp nest in the soffit exhaust vent at my home. That is the outside vent under roof eaves for the bathroom fan. They appear to be old and no insect activity. Should I have the nests removed or leave them? Do the nests eventually disintegrate? If I remove the old nests would it be more likely for new nests to be made? What type of business would remove the nests? The fan seems to work fine, I only noticed the nests when cleaning the windows. Thank you.

Ottawa County Michigan

2 Responses

I am going to presume that the nest is one of typical "paper" nest built by wasps and hornets. If it happens to be a mud nest then my answer would be slightly different. The wasps that build those paper nests do not survive the winter, and they do not reuse an old nest. This means that it would be safe to remove it during the winter or early spring. There is a chance that a new generation of wasps will start to nest there once the temperatures warm a little later in the spring. They will not use the old nest, but they could build adjacent to it, so I would use caution removing one of those nests later in the season. If you do remove the old abandoned nest, a new nest may be constructed in its place. There is always a chance of that. However, leaving the old nest does not guarantee that nothing will nest nearby and they could eventually completely block the vent.

Thanks a lot for your response! Yes, the nest are paper type, probably from wasps. I'm checking with a pest control company now if they can remove them from the vents for me. Someone told me just leave them, but I feared as you mentioned that the vent could become blocked.