New pink jasmine leaves are very yellow

Asked April 15, 2019, 7:22 PM EDT

Hello! I planted a pink jasmine in my garden last year, but timed it a little poorly so I put it in the ground right when things were heating up for the summer. It seemed to struggle a bit to establish and took some kind of pest damage to the leaves (lots of semi-circular notches which I'm assuming came from earwigs, which we have a lot of), but by fall it seemed to be ok. It is planted in a foundation bed where the soil has good drainage. Now that it's spring I'm seeing a lot of new leaves coming up, but they are all very yellow rather than the deep green that I'm used to seeing for pink jasmine foliage. I've fertilized it last month with the rest of my flowers, and I mulched it with compost before winter. Are the new leaves supposed to be this yellow? Or is there something I should be doing to help it?

Lane County Oregon

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This Asian native requires well-drained soil, which provides a balance of moisture and oxygen for the roots. It is hardy to USDA zone 8-11. Its major pest is spider mites which can yellow and speckle the leaves. Its biggest drawback is its rampant growth, up to 25' and the need to prune and trellis it. Pruning is best done in the fall. Excess water, over fertilizing, sucking insects can all cause yellowing. It prefers a site with about 6 hours of sun/day. It can sunburn on a site with full summer sun. New leaves should not be yellow. Be light on the fertilizer! I think it may have gotten waterlogged this year and will hopefully still establish and grow well. Root rot is the biggest danger.