Poison Ivy?

Asked April 15, 2019, 6:27 PM EDT

Hi! We have lots of ivy, im thinking Virginia Creeper, but a lot of it has three leaves and looks like poison ivy. Can someone please take a look at the picture and let me know if you think this is poison ivy? Thanks!

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This is not poison ivy. What you have here is Boston ivy, which is in the same genus as Virginia creeper. The berries of the plant can be toxic if consumed and contact with the juice or sap of the plant may cause a skin rash in some people. Here are links to more information.



Thanks so much! Subtle difference in appearance between a young Boston Ivy plant and poison ivy.

Thanks so much for your response. A description of poison ivy that i found says a way to distinguish it from boston ivy is by examining the stalks leading to the leaves. It said poison ivy's leading leaf has a stalk while the other two leaves don't have stalks. In the attached picture, it appears that the leading leaf has a stalk, while the other two leaves seem not to have them. Can you please reconfirm that this is Boston Ivy and not Poison Ivy? I appreciate it, just want to be as sure as possible using pictures.

Based on your photos we still think this is Boston ivy.