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Asked April 15, 2019, 5:48 PM EDT

I live in an historic home that has been turned into a condominium - meaning I do not have sole authority on lawn care. Just trying to pass info on to other owners. The snow is melting revealing pretty much thatch with increasing dandelions and other weeds. Only attempt at irrigation in the past has been "plugs", but water usually sits on top of severely packed soil. Property manager mows lawn to about 1" and sets sprinkler in early morning for about 15 minutes each section. Some areas remain wet; others burn out. Do not want to use insecticides.I can elaborate if needed. Help!!

Pitkin County Colorado

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We have an excellent publication that goes into detail about best management practices for lawns (including mowing height, fertilization, thatch and aeration, watering frequency, and maintenance/care suggestions):

We also have a detailed publication that goes into how compaction is caused, and how to amend compacted soils:

These should answer all the above questions you have about our recommended lawn-care practices.


Thanks for referral to publications. I will submit them to our owners and property manager. Would also like information on best method of removing/eliminating dandelions from the lawn. Again, thanks.

We have some information on lawn weeds:
However, these are mostly referring to herbicides as weed control.

If you are not interested in chemical controls, mechanical controls (such as hand-pulling) may be your best option (depending on the intensity and area covered by the dandelions). In addition, incorporating good lawn care practices that improve the health of the turf will enable it to better compete with any incoming weeds in the future.

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