Dead spots in Kentucky Bluegrass

Asked April 15, 2019, 4:02 PM EDT

We have many round dead areas in our two year old Kentucky bluegrass turf. We live in Littleton CO. Please see pictures. Is it insect or fungus. And how to treat.

Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf

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We need a little more information to help you. We're wondering if this is a new problem? Did it occur last year? Has anything changed from last year?

Have you noticed any rabbit pellets? Have you seen rabbits?

Do you have a pet? a new pet?

The rest of the grass looks fairly green, so perhaps it's not a question of fertilizer or water or insects. The suspicion is that perhaps it's animal related.

Please send us your answers and we will reply.

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We had a similar problem last year on the other side of yard that spread and remained dead for the summer. We do have rabbits and noticed droppings last year in the problem area. We have a four year old dog but no new pets. He hasn’t seemed to cause these spots in the past.

Here is a picture from June 1 2018 near the current problem area. Looks a bit different. Much of these areas didn’t recover all summer. reviewing the pictures we noticed a difference in one year to the next the issues could be: rabbit, dog, grub, or lawn care. I have enclosed links that you may find helpful.. Please contact us if you have further questions