What is this slime thing!?

Asked April 15, 2019, 1:05 PM EDT

Dug this up in my perennial bed today. At first it looked like decomposing wood, but now I'm not so sure! thanks for all you do!

Oakland County Michigan brown slime

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Yuck! It could be some extraterrestrial life form or it could be a type of "jelly fungus". There are many types of this gelatinous mushroom relative. Although a little difficult to see from the pictures, it appears there may be some fibers (plant fibers?) which could indicate a decaying plant part (personal note: I've seen some similar gross looking decayed plant parts). It could also be a slime mold (the movie "The Blob", 1958, is based on this fungi). Let's go with the extraterrestrial life form, It makes for a more interesting story.
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