Treating ketosis in a pregnant ewe

Asked April 15, 2019, 12:33 PM EDT

I have a pregnant ewe that is down with what appears to be ketosis. I have started treating her with propylene glycol. She will only nibble at regular feed. Her fetuses are very active. She is alert and bright-eyed, but of course uncomfortable. She is unable to stand on her own, but will "help" when I get her up on her hind legs. Her front legs won't straighten out at this time so she uses her knees. In this position, and with me supporting her, she will move around her stall to reposition. I reposition her several times a day.
1. With her barely nibbling at her hay/grain and getting the propylene glycol will it be normal for her stool to be watery? I am assuming it is. 2. Will she hopefully go into normal labor and be able to deliver the lambs? She is due any day. 3. If she survives to deliver her lambs, what kind of after care plan should I implement with her ? Thank you in advance for any advice/help you are able to provide. Stephanie Wilson

Arkansas sheep

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Hi Stephanie:

I would recommend that you work with your veterinarian to determine how to handle her treatment protocol. I think this will be particularly important once the lambs have been delivered. Because I am not a veterinarian, I really am not able to give any health care recommendations.