Moss Invasion

Asked April 15, 2019, 9:32 AM EDT

I have a large amount of moss that has taken over my lawn this spring. This is something new I've never experienced this before. Attached are pictures of the moss and some of the damage to my lawn after I removed some of the moss. There is a tree in the front but its never happened in the past. I also have it on the northern side of my house.

Wayne County Michigan

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The fact that you have substantial moss means that you have the ideal conditions for moss growth. Five things favor it, acidic soil, shade, compacted soil, excessive moisture, and low soil fertility. Most important, optimum growing conditions for moss are exactly the opposite of optimum growing conditions for turfgrass. If you didn't have moss previously, then something has changed. Tree canopy growth providing more shade maybe? And the north side of the house is always going to be shaded. There are products on the market to kill the moss but it would just grow back without changing something. And often conditions can't be changed to favor turfgrass. Live with it or conjure up some other use for the site, such as a perennial garden or even mulch. Read more here:

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Good luck!