Identify a rock

Asked April 15, 2019, 8:13 AM EDT

Hell. My name is matt. I have been holding on to this rock for some time now. I would really like help identifying it. If it isn't an emerald then I believe it is from the same family and had quite some value to it. You may contact me at 413 841 8162


3 Responses

Wow, that is a beauty! I hope it is emerald, but it could also be agate or amethyst. I think you should contact Harvard natural history museum in Cambridge. They have an extensive collection of precious gemstones and geologists who work there. Where did you find this piece? Carole

Hi Matt, I was looking at photos of raw diamonds yesterday and your sample has some of the same qualities that the raw diamonds I saw had. I hope you get your sample identified- I’d love to know what it is - it is exquisite! Carole