Jerusalem Artichoke and ground nuts

Asked April 14, 2019, 10:14 PM EDT

Hello. I have a friend who gave me Jerusalem Artichoke and Ground Nuts which are supposed to be a native plants. I do not like invasive species. Is there anything I should be careful about or anything I should know before planting?

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The exact native range of Jerusalem Artichoke is unclear, but it appears to be native to the central regions of North America, and was used by native Americans as a food crop. While a native species is not labeled as "invasive", this plant tends to be aggressive, due to the effectiveness of its reproductive structures. The plant can be grown for human consumption, alcohol production, fructose production and livestock feed. (Purdue Extension) It is a mild tasting root vegetable (UFL Extension)

Information on growing conditions

There are a number of plants that are commonly called "ground nuts" . If you have more information on that plant, I can reply with more specific recommendations.

Hello and thank you Nancy. The ground nut - Apios Americana or Indian Ground Nut.


I have no personal experience with Apios Americana, but a search of Extension information on this plant doesn't indicate that it is very aggressive. Anecdotal (non research-based) info does, however.

Perhaps you could experiment in a container for the first year? I will also refer this question to my colleagues in the hope that one of them can provide you with more information to help you make a decision whether to add it to your landscape.