Coreopsis Zagreb

Asked April 14, 2019, 8:17 PM EDT

I have four plants of coreopsis Zagreb and last year some parts had brown stems. They now are one big bunch. A part near the right middle did not come up yet the other areas are coming up nicely. I don't use mulch. Can I plant another coreopsis Zagreb in that spot if I dig out the old dirt and put in new? Thank you.

New Castle County Delaware

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Your problem does sound like a fungus. Coreopsis is relatively problem-free, but it does like a dry soil, even poor soil, and a sunny spot. So maybe the site where you put your plants is too moist for their comfort. We have had a very wet year, so that could also be part of the problem. If you want to plant more, consider adding soil to raise the site a bit and/or digging around it to allow better drainage.