Sap oozing from tree

Asked April 14, 2019, 1:30 PM EDT

Hi.. can you tell me what’s wrong with my tree? We've been here 3 yrs and this is the worst it's been. Last year is was oozing on the other side of its trunk.. There is also a metal tube next to it, would you have any idea why it would be there. I have attached pictures. Thanks

Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs

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Thank you for your question. Since different insects and diseases attack different species of trees, it would be helpful to know what species it is, and to have a photo of the tree above where the oozing begins, including the leaves. Thanks!

Don't know the species of tree. The branches are really high up.. Have attached 2 pics with Branches.

Well, it's a conifer of some sort. There are no photos of where the oozing is coming from, so I don't know whether it has been insulted (damaged) somewhere, whether the ooze is coming from where a limb was cut off, or at the site of an insect infestation.

Here is a possibility:

You might want to consider hiring an arborist to come out, identify the tree and the problem, and suggest a course of action. Good luck!