Shrub problem

Asked April 14, 2019, 10:35 AM EDT

Please see attached photos of shrubs in front of my house. I’m not sure of the plant type but hopefully you can identify them They were planted in 2014 and I don’t recall them looking so bad after Winter. I’m wondering if they are dead or just dormant and Will come back. I appreciate any information you may provide if You can identify the plants. Thanks

Carroll County Maryland

1 Response

The shrubs look like nandina. It looks like they have been hit hard by the cold winter and have suffered winter damage. Be patient and look for new growth. Scratch the branches with your fingernail and look for green tissue. If you see it, the stems are still viable. Otherwise, if brown prune dead plant material back to healthy tissue. The plant usually recovers fast once the temperatures warm.

Please be aware that this is an invasive plant in Maryland. Its berries are toxic to some types of wildlife (birds). It is no longer recommended for home gardens, even though it is still available in garden centers and nurseries. There is more information about Nandina here:

If the shrubs do not recover, you can take the opportunity to replace with some native plant species.