Invasive Weed

Asked April 14, 2019, 10:18 AM EDT

I have a weed growing throughout my yard. The root system is extensive and thready and grows fairly deep into the soil. There are no rhizome or tubers. It became prevalent last spring/summer which I attributed it to the excessive moisture last year. I'm attaching two pictures. I was hoping you could identify it and give me some tips to eradicate it. Thank you.

Baltimore County Maryland lawns and turf weeds plant identification

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This looks like perennial orchardgrass. Please refer to our website for information on how you can manage it.

Weeds in a lawn can result from improper mowing practices (mowing too short), frequent, shallow watering, poor-quality turf seed, and/or poor soil conditions (improper pH, soil compaction). Take a look at our information on lawn weed prevention and management.

In addition, here is information on repairing bare spots and overseeding.