Sick chicken

Asked April 13, 2019, 1:56 PM EDT

I think my chicken has sour crop. Her chest area has always been larger that my other 3 girls. Is almost wobbly sometimes. She’s approximately 1-1/12 years. Was acting fine and literally within a few hours she was so weak she wouldn’t hardly stand and her head kept going down and eyes not open very long at all. She seemed to smell bad and I think it was from her mouth so we determined sour crop after MUCH online research. Been giving her Monistat suppository pieces and kefir yogurt drink for this is day 2. Plus water! Also tried some apple cider vinegar in water at first 3 days ago. Smell is a little better but she is too weak to eat of drink on her own. Don’t know how long she can last. She is our best sweetest girl and we don’t want to loose her but don’t want her to keep suffering if there’s no hope of recovery at this point!! Don’t know what to do!!

Warrick County Indiana

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Thank you for your question. Since there seems to be a need for immediate treatment, I suggest you contact your veterinarian, rather than using Ask an Expert. If you think your chicken can wait, you can contact your Purdue Extension office on Monday:

Good luck!