Inkberry spots

Asked April 12, 2019, 9:27 PM EDT

We have several (over 10) inkberries (about 4 yrs in the ground here, growing well) and about 4 of them have developed spots - yellow, to brown or black starting about the middle of the plants. It is worse in the straight species as opposed to several cultivars we have. The plants are in full sun with a northern exposure. Several are exposed to the elements (no wind blocks). What do you think this is and what should we do about it? We try to avoid any pesticides that would harm pollinators as we have a large pollinator and vegetable garden. Photo of leaves attached.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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This looks like some of the old foliage that has been subject to some leaf spots. It is normal for broadleaved evergreens to shed their older foliage. The fungal leaf spots can be common in wet seasons like we had last year. No control is necessary. Rake fallen foliage and monitor for new growth.
See our website on normal leaf shedding and fungal leaf spots