Large ground Yellowjacket nest.

Asked April 12, 2019, 4:25 PM EDT

In October of 2018 I moved into my new home in the city of East Lansing, MI. In the back yard, left by the previous owner, was a very large pile of wood chips. I decided to keep it for mulch. However, about 6 weeks later I noticed it was crawling with activity. Upon inspection I found it riddled with tiny openings and dozens and dozens of medium size Yellowjackets were making their way inside. I have no idea how large or how deep this nest goes, or how to remove it safely. I have included two pictures so that you are able to get an idea how large the wood chip pile is. I run an Academic Studio out of my home, which means I have children of all ages playing in my yard, so I need the environment to be safe for them. How do I remove this pile of wood chips, get rid of the nest, and keep myself safe while doing so?

Ingham County Michigan

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Removing the wood chips now should not be a problem. Yellowjackets do not reuse their nests nor do they spend the winter in them.