Blueberry herbicides

Asked April 12, 2019, 1:58 PM EDT

My plants are five years old. In the past, when the plants were new and up to four years old, I was told to keep approximately 6-8 inches away from the by the plant local MSU extension office. Now that they are five years old can I apply herbicides closer than six inches?

What do you recommend for pre and post emergent herbicides for 5 year old plants? Thank you.

Van Buren County Michigan

2 Responses

Pre emergent herbicides can be applied to the base of the plant with little fear unless the label warns against it. Many post emergent materials are also safe but I would not apply glyphosate products such as Roundup to the base of the plants since this was the reason I warned you to be careful with young plants. The recommendation to keep the herbicide 6 to 8 inches away from young plants was specifically for glyphosate not all herbicides.
As for specific herbicides these are generally based on the weed species to be controlled. Generally early spring herbicides contain one or two pre-emergent herbicides and a contact grass herbicide.
Here are some links to articles on blueberry herbicides.
Our Bulletin E154 Michigan Fruit Management Guide is available in the Van Buren MSUE office in Paw Paw or you can purchase it online at
It contains pesticide recommendation for all commercial Michigan fruit and has a whole section on herbicides

Thank you for the detailed response and the links.