Lesser celandine control

Asked April 11, 2019, 3:37 PM EDT

is it too late this season to apply Roundup or similar to the fairly large amount of Lesser Celandine growing in my rear yard and expect it to be effective? Thank you Bob, Garrett Park, MD

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

It is not too late to treat lesser celandine. It can be treated when the plants are still blooming. This is a tough plant on some of our Maryland native plants so it is worth trying to manage the population at this time.

Lesser celandine is very difficult to control and may require a combination of techniques. This can take time. Do not expect management in one season.

See our website and resource links for more information and management options.

This is a good article from the Maryland Invasive Species Council. http://mdinvasives.org/iotm/april-2012/