planting Eastern Hemlocks

Asked April 10, 2019, 9:26 PM EDT

We are looking for evergreens to plant on either side of an East-facing doorway for our church. The door is in a large courtyard so it is sheltered on the other 3 sides. We would like to do native trees but the only ones that look suitable would be Eastern Hemlocks. However, I know they have been plagued by wooly adelgid and I'm not sure how big a problem that is. Can you please advise? We've also considered American Hollies but they may get too large. Thanks for your help.

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We do not recommend planting the hemlocks due to the adelgid.

We would like to have more information. You did not mention the mature height and width of the plants, evergreen or deciduous, sun versus shade, and if deer are a problem.
Also, here is a publication on Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat & Conservation Landscaping and the Chesapeake Bay Plant Selector for some selections.