Eradication of Japanese Barberry

Asked April 10, 2019, 6:13 PM EDT

I would like to have a conversation or meeting with an expert on controlling several invasive plants. Actually I do have quite a bit of experience over years on the subject and often give information and advice to others. However, i would like to have a Kent county contact with someone to check in with as needed. I am a member of the Izaak Walton League, Dwight Lydell Chapter on Myers Lake road and we have members, families with kids that use our 39 acre property often. We have a group of homeschoolers that use the property two and soon three times a week for outdoor education. We have a lot of Japanese Barberry and are planning on getting rid of it this year. As you know it harbors the deermice and ticks that carry Lime Disease. We are planning to remove all heavy infestations and all areas within ten feet of either side of our trails as a start. I have found that it is easier than most invasives to kill and doesn't seem to have much seed bed. I have used roundup, which has been effective both cut/stump and foliar, and in some areas no Barberry has come back for up to five years, just Mayapples and other desireable plants. But I want to learn from someone more expert that I am about proper timing, methods, concentration, dealing with it near Armstrong Creek, how we can effectively use volunteers, etc. I have worked with Jessie Schulte (Kent conservation League) and toured our property with Nick Sanchez a few years ago. We have controlled Garlic Mustard pretty well, have tons of Autumn Olive that the DNR told us to plant forty years ago, and battling Asian Bittersweet, (that is the worst agressive spreader) that is just starting in a few locations on our property. No Japanese Knotweed, but lots of Multiflora Rose, typical of the area. I did get a Land Stewardship plan in place and obtained a FLEP, (Forest Land Enhancement Plan) grant to remove Autumn Olive about seven years ago) but it was smaller than the problem. I need to enhance my knowlege and would greatly appreciate some good education and advice. Maurie Houseman 616-560-2895,

Kent County Michigan

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Your best resource would be the West Michigan Conservation Network.

Drew Rayner


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