Asked April 10, 2019, 11:53 AM EDT

What makes seemingly all the males gang up on one individual,so much so that the picked on bird will head for a corner and bury its head for protection?

Maricopa County Arizona

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One could spend a lot of time trying to understand chicken behavior! It does seem that if a chicken shows some weakness, or is at the bottom of the pecking order, the others will gang up on it. It may be that this rooster had some other health problem. If it had an open wound from something else, that will often attract attention and the chickens will pick at it. It may just be that it was a bit weaker or more docile than the others. There probably isn't a lot you can do, other than to remove the rooster that is being picked on, at least until he heals up.

There are some things suggested to stop picking in general. Sometimes, giving more space can help. Giving the chickens other things to peck at is another thing to try. Bales of hay, root vegetables or plants, cabbage heads, etc. are typical things that people have used.

Once they have started picking on an individual, though, it can be difficult to stop.

Good luck with them!

Sorry Ron,I. didnt make myself clear.I was talking about Guineas not chickens

I think my answer is still mostly the same. It may be that they're a little worse during breeding season. Probably giving them more space would be helpful, but again, once they have started picking on one, it may be difficult to stop. I'd suggest separating him for a while, then maybe trying to reintegrate him at another time.