Magnolia trees in Michigan

Asked April 9, 2019, 2:20 PM EDT

Hi! I live on Lansing's eastside & I want to plant a smaller magnolia tree. I was advised to check out Gee Farms nursery, but I'd like suggestions on varieties that will overwinter here PLEASE. Thank you for your time!

Ingham County Michigan

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You are taking the right approach in being thoughtful about your tree selection. In addition to the growing zone, we would recommend you also consider the size of your site and what form your magnolia would take in that site (i.e. large shrub, accent tree, shade tree, windbreak, etc.). After that, you can narrow it further by the flower that you prefer the most.
I'm certain the staff at Gee Farms can tell you which magnolias are hardy to the Michigan growing zone and your selection will be dependent upon what they have in stock. Below are just some selections to consider if available:
Under 20 ft. (considered small): Black Tulip, Royal Star Rose Marie, Star Magnolia
20 - 30 ft.: Vulcan Magnolia
Over 30 ft.: Felix Jury, Elizabeth, Yellow Bird, Bracken's Brown Beauty

Regardless of which magnolia you purchase, please keep in mind the growing conditions they prefer which is full sun to light shade, (adaptable but prefer) moist, well-drained, slightly acid soils, and a location where they are not subject to strong winds.
Hope that helps.