Mason Bees mailed in 7" tube

Asked April 8, 2019, 1:12 PM EDT

We purchased all supplies needed from the Northwest Nature Shop in Ashland. All mailed to a Salem grandson for his 10th birthday. Cocoons were not available in Ashland. I ordered them from Rocky Pond-Mason Bees in Estacada. They arrived in a 7" tube with a taped-over hole in one end. How does he transfer the cocoons to his bee house? The 7" tube will not fit into the chalet-style house which has a small triangular hole beneath the roof meant for the cocoons...the tubes are beneath that. Thanks for your help.

Multnomah County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. The triangular hole beneath the roof is meant as a place to keep cocoons removed from the tube in the late fall, washed, and protected there until they emerge in early spring (now!) Mason bees have already emerged from the cocoons from last year, whether they were in the 'attic' or coming out from the tubes. , The females are now searching for tubes to lay this year's eggs. Assuming there are no cocoons in the tubes you got, cut them off so they fit into the holes and don't stick out. Put the taped side against the house siding, on a SE corner of the house under an overhang. You soon should see females entering soon to begin the process all over again.

Here is a more extensive OSU publication on them:

Good luck!