Oriental Bittersweet Invasion

Asked April 8, 2019, 11:43 AM EDT

I have a piece of property across the road, probably close to 18 acres that I am starting to manage that has a horrible issue with Oriental Bittersweet. It is well established, starting to choke out large trees as well as blanketing open areas and has taken over all native forage. Some of the vines are over 2 inches in diameter so it shows it has not been addressed in a very long time. I plan on manually cutting the vines wrapping the trees to prevent it from getting into the canopy, but I believe a herbicide will be needed to really start controlling the vine. Issue is the acreage is surrounded by wetland so very concerned on proper usage and what type will be safe. The spring peepers were deafening last night so we obviously need to take care of them. Please help, need guidance to bring the vine under control and long term plan of eradication/management. Andrew

Ingham County Michigan

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Andrew - you are not alone in your concern about eradicating this non-native invasive. As with most invasives, a multi-pronged long-term consistent approach will most likely be necessary. Below is a link to the Michigan DNR Oriental Bittersweet tip sheet which will provide you with more details about the timing and selection of herbicides. Note that the Garlon 3A abnd Garlon 4 Ultra formulations can be safely used in or near wetlands. Of course, we would recommend you always verify the application warnings and apply as directed on the label.
Hope that helps and good luck!