Tree pruning question 3

Asked April 8, 2019, 11:06 AM EDT

Hello, this is the 3rd of my three series of questions. In this photo is a young sugar maple. The tree branches out in all different directions at the top. Although most are not is true V shape branch, I am wondering what, if anything, I should prune. If you need the photo of the total tree, let me know. Thank you again.

Baltimore County Maryland pruning trees

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This looks like it was initially pruned to be a fruit tree and it is not set up well for proper growth of this species. There is no established leader branch and, given the current angles of the side branches, it does not look like trying to train a new leader would be successful in this case. In addition, sugar maples are not well adapted to your area; they tend to do better in mountain/forested areas of western Maryland and further north. In this case, we recommend choosing a replacement tree. Red maples (Acer rubrum) are well adapted to all areas of Maryland and might be a better choice in the long run.