Why didn't my flowers come back this spring

Asked April 7, 2019, 1:40 PM EDT

For years the crocus and daffodils have bloomed profusely on my lawn and garden. Crocus were spreading out and covering a large area including my lawn. This year...nothing. Very few crocus and so far only one daffodil. I have not put down any weed killer or such so can only guess all the rain we had last year had a drastic effect.

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

Bulbs do not like soggy soil and we suspect the heavy rainfall last year may be the main culprit. Squirrels will eat Crocus bulbs, but it would be unusual for them to find them all. Flowering bulbs will decline if they are located in an area with too much shade. Those are a few possible contributing factors. We are sorry to hear they just aren't blooming as in the past.